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The following conditions of participation of the GbR Jonathan Baumert, Jakob Langenbahn, Leonard Meinzinger and Michelle Michalowski, U4 24, 68161 Mannheim regulate the contractual relationship between the GbR Jonathan Baumert, Jakob Langenbahn, Leonard Meinzinger and Michelle Michalowski (hereinafter referred to as "GbR") and the respective persons who use the offer of a website for the exchange of experience provided under the domain (hereinafter referred to as "users").

This offer represents an Internet-based web platform which enables users to share experiences with applications for various courses of study (hereinafter "platform").

The GbR provides its services exclusively on the basis of these conditions of participation. Any conditions of the user will not become part of the contract unless the GbR expressly agrees to them in written form.


The participation in the platform is free of charge for the user. Registration is required to create an entry. The entry, containing the information given by the user, will be published on the “Universities” page of the platform. The e-mail address, name, password or other personal data collected in connection with the registration process will not be published.

Entries may not infringe the rights of third parties, applicable law or morality. The User undertakes in this respect that all personal data provided on the platform is true.

The contractual relationship between the GbR and the user on the basis of these terms and conditions of participation shall come into effect upon pressing the "SHARE" button and the prior complete provision of the requested information.

Responsibility for experience reports / contents

Each user is responsible for the content he or she provides.

The GbR is not liable for the correctness, quality or completeness of the contents transmitted by users. The publication of entries written by users does not constitute an expression of opinion or advice of the GbR, in particular the GbR does not adopt these contents as its own.

The user indemnifies the GbR from all claims that third parties assert against the GbR based on the entries submitted by the user for publication. The GbR reserves the right of legal defence against such claims. The user supports the GbR in the defence of such claims, in particular by providing all information necessary for the defence. The user is obligated to compensate the GbR for the damage caused to the GbR by the justified claim by third parties. This also includes the costs of legal prosecution.

The GbR basically reserves the right to remove entries.

Duties of the users

Every user is obliged not to give false or misleading information about himself or herself or in his or her entries.

The users undertake not to post any content that:

do not reflect their own experiences,
are incomprehensible,
are deliberately untrue or otherwise constitute a criminal offence,
violate the rights of third parties,
contain viruses or other computer programs that affect the functioning of other computers.

The users ensure that they have all rights regarding the contents provided for publication and grant the GbR the spatially, temporally and contentwise unrestricted right to use and exploit the provided contents. This also includes the right to duplicate, transmit, publish and further develop as well as to transfer the rights of use to third parties without any claim to remuneration. Any other publication of the contents transferred by the user is permitted.

If a user violates one of the obligations knowingly or despite a warning, the GbR reserves the right to demand a contractual penalty of 150 EUR per violation.

The assertion of a further claim for damages as well as the criminal prosecution remain unaffected by this.


The GbR strives within the scope of its technical possibilities for a constant provision of the platform and the corresponding lines and functions. However, maintenance, security and capacity issues in particular, which are not the responsibility of the GbR, can lead to short-term disruptions for temporary suspension of the platform. In this respect, the user acknowledges that a continuous availability of the platform cannot be guaranteed technically.

Final provisions

Should any of these provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.